The New Car

The brand new chassis left the jig and hit the ground at Kevin Knowles Kustoms
Then it hit the ground at Southwestern International Raceway.

A few last minute items were cleared up in the pits, and the car was ready to hit the ground once again,
This time, it was going to hit the ground runnin'!

Word on the street was that the new body would be something no one had ever seen.
I believe the AA/FA guys were not quite ready for this.
A five window coupe of this nature was never really meant to go a hair under 300,
But that is just what the team had in mind.

Although the "interesting" graphics are not quite finished,
They were more than enough for a few shake down passes.
Not shake down passes that a normal team would do, but a Neese-N-Knowles shake down.
What is that you say?
Put the same tune-up in it that you set the AA/FA record with, and see if it will go straight.

The car burned out straight, (and hard- may I add.)
It is interesting to note, that although a burnout would seem to be a non issue with chassis set-up
More often than not, you can tell if a car is out of whack on the burnout.
Both for solid mount cars, as well as full sprung 4 link and swing arm cars.

After the burnout was complete, and the team looked over last minute issues,
The car underwent the last few preps and ready for launch.
The car launched straight and hard.  The front wheels dangled just a hair,
But the back end squatted and left just the way everyone had hoped.
The car was right in accordance with the numbers of the record setting pass
Until the car spun the tires about 300 feet out.
A rear end dilemma kept them from making another pass that evening.
But even though they did not set the world on fire- they know the new car is just what the doctor ordered.