Steve Neese began his center steering drag racing career in this altered which housed a Big Block Chevy injected on alcohol between the frame rails.

The Big Block Chevy grew a huffer and the real addiction began

The same car found a funny car body and steve began running with the California Independent Funny Car Association running on a 7.50 dial

After running in that trim for some time, the connection was made with Kevin Knowles.
Kevin built a car from the ground up to run in Top Alcohol Funny Car trim.
The car ran in division 7 for some time, being a threat on that scene.

After testing the rigidity of the fiberglass body, a new paint scheme was added to the car.
The roots blower quickly took a turn to the class and Kevin and Steve decided to go another route.

That rout was NITROMETHANE!

The fiberglass body was not quite what the doctor ordered for the sheer force of air
at speeds reaching 300 MPH.
A trade of chassis work from Kevin found the team with a carbon fiber body
that could withstand the force of air at huge speeds, as well as more strength per pound.

The car was painted out of the Wannabe Racing stables and put to the test
while the paint was not yet dry.
The car currently runs in AA/FC as well as AA/FA.
In Fact, the quickest and fastest AA/FA of all time.